Agente de Vendas - Português ou Italiano



· The role holder will be the first point of contact with customers and will usually provide a full "one stop service"
   (including resolution) for all issues within remit of department.  The role holder will strive to provide excellent customer service on all respects
· The role holder will be expected to be able to deal with all types of issues with customers (within remit of department) including complex and contentious matters
· Process Account Applications and receive and deal with all types of prospect's enquiries          typically 10-20%
· Deal with inbound customer queries, complaints and requests                                                          typically 60-75%
· To receive, deal with and answer ALL types of customer queries, complaints and requests including bad debts, credit limits within the limit of the department. 
   Will have the power to make decisions within their limit of authority.  May deal with and resolve matters of a technical 
   nature where customer is in possession of specialist electronic equipment (such as merchant terminals) 
· May deal with the issuing of legal documents such as collections letters under own name.  In addition may be required
   to defend banks position on certain legal matters with third parties / customers
· Negotiate, where necessary, to achieve a "win-win" situation for all involved
· Deal with other departments, areas of the bank, and external third parties to achieve resolution of customer queries
· May be required to identify and attempt cross selling opportunities.
· May deal with the Branch network as part of role
In some cases the role holder may adopt cases and generate correspondence following initial customer contact with another area.  The aim of the role holder will still be to provide excellent customer service
Other                          typically 5 - 10%
· Act as a reference point for less experienced colleagues and provide training to colleagues new to department
· May be required to evaluate new processes or systems and make recommendations to superiors 
· May monitor and deal with systems to ensure that the system is running effectively (such as tandem).  
· May have part supervisory responsibility by acting as a central point of reference for less experienced
  members of staff and to act as supervisor during periods of supervisory absence (including holidays)
· The role holder will be required to adopt a flexible approach in order to support others and undertake other duties as required
· May be required to maintain existing, and where necessary establish good working relationships with external contacts
  such as Solicitors, Police, Debt Collection Agencies, Liquidators etc., in order to ensure maximization of the overall business relationship.
· Role usually makes use of screen based systems  - (typically 80 - 95% of day)
· In many cases role holders will typically be on the telephone for the majority of their day




Experience, qualifications and other requirements specific to the role
· Proven experience of working in a Customer Service environment would be an advantage although not essential
· Data entry experience and high level of accuracy and attention to detail essential
· Proven experience of working with complex, emotive or technical issues 
· Proven experience that illustrates that the individual has the ability to learn to use the systems appropriate to the role
· In depth experience of working in an environment limited by statutes or legal limitations
· Proven experience of working in a general office environment, preferably in a financial institution
· In some areas proven experience of working in the department will be required due to the often technical nature of the work.
Other knowledge needed
· An extensive knowledge of one or more of the following statutes:
Elements of regulations relating to the Credit Card Industry
Elements of the Consumer Credit Act
Conditions of Use
Financial Services Act
Health and Safety at Work
Elements of Data Protection Act
Merchant Agreements
Laws and legal processes relating to role
· Extensive knowledge of the systems and processes of third parties used by department 
· Extensive knowledge of the central systems to which the department has access (i.e. Direct Debit and Clearing etc.)
Knowledge, Skills and Expertise
· Native/fluent in target language Italian/Portuguese.  Fluency in English required
· Telephone Technique
· Letter writing
· General keyboard and multi system usage
· Interpersonal sensitivity
· Negotiation skills
· Presentation skills
· Report writing / spreadsheets where needed
· Planning and Organization
· Decision making
· Ability to identify cross selling opportunities of products and services
· Customer Focus
· Adaptability
· Team Working
· Interpersonal sensitivity
· Taking Ownership
· Influencing
· May require an extensive awareness and knowledge of the products, services, activities and systems

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